ISBIS 2018 Meeting on Statistics in Business and Industry

Abstracts Submission

In order to upload your abstract you should first register to the conference site.

Please prefer Google Chrome or Internet Explorer as web browser to submit your abstract.

There are six steps to submit your abstract.

   STEP 1: Register to the conference site.

   STEP 2: Enter the title of your talk on the field under Abstract Information.

   STEP 3: Upload your abstract through the fields under Attachments (ignore the message “Use this form to upload your images, photos or tables.”).

   STEP 4: Select the title of the invited session you participate in or Contributed Session or Poster on the field under Event. The field under topic will be updated automatically for invited sessions.

   STEP 5: Fill the required fields under Author Information.

   STEP 6: Press the Submit button.

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