ISBIS 2018 Meeting on Statistics in Business and Industry

Travel Support

Application for Travel Support for Active Participants from Developing Countries:

ISBIS will have a limited amount of World Bank (WB) funding to provide partial support for participants from developing countries who will actively participate in the conference by presenting a talk or a poster. To apply, you must be a current resident of a developing country, see below for their classification:

Higher Priority Countries (by level of priority):

Low Income                   

Lower Middle Income    


Lower Priority Countries (but not necessarily excluded):

Upper Middle Income    


You may send a request by email to the ISBIS President at, and include your vita, a detailed list of expenses you seek reimbursement through WB funds, and how you will participate in the conference. Students from developing countries must also include a letter from their advisor. Your application must be received on or before April 5, 2018 in order to be considered. We expect to send our decision about the possibility and level of support by April 15, 2018.  Since the funding may not cover all your costs, we strongly encourage you to seek supplementary funding elsewhere, using the WB award as recognition of your work and contribution to your country. Note that an awardee must be a member of ISI and ISBIS.

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