ISBIS 2018 Meeting on Statistics in Business and Industry

Piraeus – Our Neighborhood

There can be no better introduction or advertisement for Piraeus (Pireas) than the famous song “Ta paidia tou Pirea“, composed by Manos Hadjidakis and sang by Melina Mercouri in the film ‘Never on Sunday’ (1960). Of course Piraeus today is a modern city, very different compared to the 60’s but walking around – also near the Piraeus metro station – one can still find corners, small streets and old shops where the atmosphere of the film and that era still lingers.


Piraeus is encompassed almost on all sides by sea and its life was always linked to the sea. The University of Piraeus is located at the city center, less than a 5 min stroll from the seafront. One could start exploring the city by walking from Pasalimani to Mikrolimano.
More information about the history of Piraeus can be found here. Opposite Piraeus metro station the Port of Piraeus is located from where ferries to Aegean islands depart.

For climate data for Piraeus, please click on the following picture.

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